Sisters of Battle Paragon Warsuits!

Sisters of Battle

Sisters of Battle Paragon Warsuits – or ‘Nundams’. I wasn’t expecting these to appear when the new Sisters range was rolled out. The kit is pleasantly chunky with lots of areas to weather.

I’m not familiar with most developments since 8th hit – the rate of releases leaves my old brain baffled! It’s great to see the universe explored and fleshed out. I still remember when the Sisters of Battle we introducted in White Dwarf (and the legendary battle for Sanctuary 101). I never dreamed we’d see Sisters of Battle Paragon Warsuits!

A whole raft of tutorials are coming for the Sisters. From an ‘art of compromise’ series focussing on battle-ready Sororitas, right the way through converting a living saint.

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If you can’t wait to see these models being painted, why not check out our other Sisters of Battle Tutorials? Ephrael stern is a killer for OSL and character-level painting.

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