Sisters of Battle Palatine Showcase

Sisters of Battle

Sisters of Battle Palatine.

The Palatines are the experienced, front-line commanders of any crusading force. The Sisters of the Martyr are no different, expecting their leaders to drive forward, into the very heart of a battle, entrusting their safety to the God-Emperor. Dying in the service of the God-Emperor is a worthy reward for the corporeal body.

Object source lighting plays a big part in this project. I love the artwork of GW, and the newer digital stuff has harsh strikes of light against plunging dark shadows. It’s something we are trying to push more and more of, even on infantry level commissions. The use of light and shadow to tell a story beyond a zenithal highlight.

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Staining the armor cyan helps reinforce the Sisters of Battle Palatine plasma weapon. Instead of using a complementary tone like orange, we stick with cool tones to reinforce the emotional message of the miniature. By using analogous colours, we create a more coherent message without losing value control.

Interested in learning how to paint these atmospheric OSL effects? We have a page dedicated to How to Paint the sisters of battle – simply sign into your account and enjoy the content! We have a full masterclass on how to paint Celestine Damned, from conversion through to light placement. This is a living page, and expect to see sisters of battle infatnry appear there very soon.

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