How to Paint Sisters of Battle

Celestine Damned

How to Paint Sisters of Battle by Lil’Legend Studio

Cast out amongst the stars, the Adeptus Sororitas guard the relics of mankind. By his will are they charged, by his word are they empowered. Shrine worlds, Heralds of the apocalypse, daughters of the Emperor, this sorority of devout battle maidens are at the forefront of Imperial Crusade. 

This is the comprehensive learning resource for the Adeptus Sororitas, the Sisters of Battle. This masterclass takes you through everything needed to create your own Martyrs. This is a living document and will be updated periodically with new tutorials.

How to Paint Sisters of Battle Masterclass series covers:

  • The complete step-by-step PDF Celestine Damned.
  • The COMPLETE 5 part video tutorial on Celestine Damned.
  • A complete video guide on how to paint Ephrael Stern
  • How to paint Sisters of Battle Sanctum.
  • How to paint and weather marble.
  • SOON TO COME: How to paint the Order of the Martyr – an art of compromise.

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