Celestian Sacresants: Order of the Living Martyr.

Celestian Sacresants

Celestian Sacresants are the elite of the Adepta Sororitas. Departed from the life of a bodyguard for their Canoness, the Sacresants quest the length and breadth of the imperium. The Order of the Living Martyr has an inordinate amount of Sacrecants in their choirs, touring the most lethal warzones of Crusade’s edge. They guard the relics, sanctify holy sites and purge the unclean.

The Order of the Living Martyr? Stupid name. Well, I have a company called Lil’Legend, so you can see I’m not gifted at naming things. But there’s a very good reason why we have that oxymoron in place, and all will be revealed as the project progresses.

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The central concept for this army is an order of Sisters who tour the battlefields of the 41st Millenium with holy relics. The God-Emperor is not idle, he is not passive. While not a god of war, conflict certainly forms part of the articles of faith. We thought, how would a sword wielded by a saint find its way to a battlefield? Who would safeguard it? Would weird and wonderful objects would they have in their possesion?

With any army job, I like to break the back of the infantry first. Get through the bulk and focus my time and creative energy on the larger, more complex pieces of the project. We’ll be painting the vehicles next, then characters, then we’ll be developing a project I’ve been creaming about for around a year – The Living Siant: Tyde Vall.

In the mean time enjoy the art of ComproMyles Sisters of battle. The foundational tutorial for the entire collection.

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