The Blood of Martyrs is the Seed of the Imperium: Sisters of Battle Hospitaller

Sisters of Battle

Sisters of battle Hospitaller

The Blood of Martyrs is the Seed of the Imperium. No words are as dear to the Order of the Living Martyr. No other mantra rings as true, serving as they do on the bloody edge of Crusade’s Edge. The Sisters of the Order of the Living Martyr have a singular duty – to bring Relics of Mankind’s dominance in the universe to the beleaguered troops on a million, million worlds.

Sisters of the Orders Hospitaller are the healers of the Sisters of Battle. As much as their medicinal expertise and surgical skill, they provide a font of faith to those in need. Intoning prayers to salve the fevered mind and reciting tenets of fortitude, they remind their temporary ward of those saints who bore tremendous sufferings with unflinching grace.

Sisters of Battle

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This is a dark, bloody universe. It’s something we try to express in every piece we create in this war-torn universe. The last moments of a Sister fatally wounded is a great diorama – the fatalism of the universe distilled into a single piece. The Sisters of battle Hospitaller is a great single piece, encompassing a narrative and a strong silhouette. We have a TON of tutorials on blood, gore, and extra visual effects like this via our TUTORIAL SECTION.

Sisters of Battle
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