REI, The Guard of Kings. Bust Painting Showcase.

Hera Models Rei

Bust painting Hera Models – a showcase.

Rei, the Guard of Kings was painted alongside an online student as an introduction to bust painting. Granted, this was a rather advanced introduction as he had the skill set to handle complex surfaces on 28mm models but had never transferred them to a larger surface.

When approaching a one-off piece like this we need to establish context. The process starts with a simple question.

Who is she?

Characterization is important – it informs paint choice, style and materials. We’ve worked extensively in the Horus Heresy – drab colours, militaristic weathering (Heresy modelling is bald ugly men butchering each other with future tech). This miniature is a blank canvass. We can pursue any art style we wish.

A courtier from a savage land. A warrior elevated to court as a guard for a princeling. Battle-hardened and honest, her rich clothes sit at odds with her scarred appearance.

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Scarred and brutal.

With this simple framework in mind, we can turn to application. We decided to only use the brush for this course, so the precoat was established with black and white. Once the volumes and lights were identified and developed, then the magic really happens – colour!

The student wanted to go with blue skin. It’s a tricky tight rope, as you don’t want the miniature to end up looking like the Blue Man group. Softening the blue with Caucasian skin tones and purple/brown in the shadows helped keep one leg in the realms of realism. With that choice made, the rest of the model becomes a jigsaw puzzle. Rich magenta was chosen for the robe, so a frame of desaturated green was chosen for the armour.

The armour is practical and scarred – if she needs to throw down, she’s ready. This is the contrast between the fine clothes of a courtier. At heart, she is a savage, schooled to kill. The trappings of civility sit ill against the scarred face.

Can’t wait to get started? Well, you won’t have to! Why not get started with our introduction to bust painting? Get in the groove before we attack REI!

Hera Models Rei

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