How to Paint World Eater Terminators

How to Paint World Eater Terminators

The Lords of Rage, the World Eaters ravaged the galaxy for 200 years under the banner of Terra, and an eternity of slaughter beneath the banner of the Dark Gods. Even amidst this cadre of killers, there were those elevated with the use of Terminator plate. This forged a warrior into a nigh-unstoppable god of battle.  

This is a comprehensive learning resource for how to convert and paint World Eater Terminators. This masterclass takes you through everything needed to create your own personalized miniatures to lead your army to greatness.

How to Paint World Eater Masterclass series covers:

  • How to convert your terminators.
  • How to paint World Eater terminators.
  • How to create chipping and simple weathering for your miniatures.
  • How to use Fluo. pigments to make your miniatures pop.

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