Heresy Character Sculpting Course Flashback

Heresy Character Sculpting Course.

On the 23rd-24th of April, 6 strangers gathered in an industrial estate on the outskirts of Cardiff. Little did they know how much they would rely on the tender mercy of vaseline by the end of the weekend.

Yes! That really is the opening to the Character Sculpting Course held at Firestorm Games. So, what is this course? It’s a weekend dedicated to developing students’ understanding of composition, posing, and above all else, the technical knowledge on how to use putty to sculpt custom miniatures!

Whenever you plan a course of this style you have basic criteria you need to hit. The Heresy Character Sculpting Course comprised of:

  • Have a working understanding of green stuff, milliput, and combinations thereof.
  • Have a conceptual knowledge of character composition and the ability to execute it by creating a ‘dolly’
  • How to sculpt rubber seals.
  • How to sculpt clean, hard armour lines.
  • How to sculpt fur.
  • How to sculpt a cloak.

All in one weekend. It’s a packed schedule. Oh boy, do you need that vaseline.

The students handled everything I threw at them with surprising aplomb. All students were new to sculpting with green stuff, so it was a pleasant surprise just how well they dealt with very fiddly, detailed work.

If you were interested in learning how to sculpt from the comfort of your own home we have a full MASTER CLASS dedicated to this very scubject! From beginner to pro, we have a tutorial suited to you.

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