Why you really need a Blood Angels Contemptor Dreadnought.

Blood Angels Contemptor Dreadnought – Throne Maelio.

The Blood Angel project was a labour of love. A real labour of love. From researching the original background of the Chapter from Rogue Trader to tracking down old paint guides and refitting them for a modern palette – the IXth was my first major project as a commission painter. From the ground up, each miniature had some spark, some conversion that individualized them.

With the new

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I’ve been saving that base for a special project. From the very outset, I wanted this force to be based in the final days the Siege of Terra, when the air is thick with the dust of uncounted statues shattered by artillery. The black was highlighted with bone colours rather than pure black and white and the red was created using this tutorial.

Why do you really need one of these in your army?

The Blood Angels Contemptor Dreadnought is the perfect place to show off your weathering skills. A larger surface means more room for detail. This model was converted from the Emperor’s Children chassis, sculpting a tear drop on the front. I know, it has a palatine aquila when only the Emperor’s Children were granted that right. My justification is that this is late era Heresy, and my Blood Angels are indulging in a little rebranding of the icon.

Contemptors are also pretty good in the new edition. They’re durable, versatile, and able to take on infantry or light vehicles depending on how you equip them.

If you would like to learn how to paint Dreadnoughts we have a full video tutorial and PDF explaining the volumetric development and sample colour schemes throughout our Online Learning Platform!

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