Guan Y, Son of Wind, Father of Storm. Box Art Commission.

White Scar Praetor? NO!

There are some pieces that you can just tell I loved painting right? This piece just sung as soon as the brush hit the model. The brief was quite loose on this – just make it awesome. But there were a couple of notes.

No white armour: it’s been done to death. Especially with any other White Scar Praetor. We wanted something more original. We settled on a deep lustrous lamellar armor (using the Mongol Bust tutorial that can be found here).

NMM or TMM? I generally prefer true metallic, but non metallic is great for photographs. And it’s an area of my painting I’m aware needs spit polish. Balancing clean, bright lines against the scratching that occurs on metal was a tight rope. The specular highlights on the blade were created with a small smooshing brush from Rosemary and Co. (yes! it was created overlapping stippling and dry brushing!)

As this was a one-off piece I didn’t need to worry about replicating the base for an army. The barren snow base would compliment the rich saturated tones of the paint job, and also allow an opportunity to add a resin pour!

Every brush stroke was filmed for this model and the tutorial will focus on 4 key elements:

  • Red Armour
  • How to paint scratched NMM
  • How to paint Mongolian skin tones in 32mm
  • How to create a scenic base with resin water effects!

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This model was a limited edition release from the unbelievably talented Lux Thanator miniatures! The last week for pre order is the 30th of April – hopefully, you can bag a copy!

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