NMM Rogal Dorn the Praetorian of Terra. Primarch Commission.

NMM Rogal Dorn

‘The time for speeches is done,’ said Dorn. ‘The first great test is here. My order to you all is simple, yet heed it well, and exert yourselves to see it done.’

‘They are coming. Kill them all.’

The man of Stone, Rogal Dorn isn’t the most inspiring creature in the Galaxy, but he’s certainly one of the toughest. Rogal is the most featured Primarch on this website! How did that happen? It seems like you guys cannot get enough of the big man in gold.

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A beautiful segue into the problem with this model – you need to paint a titanic amount of gold! And it’s hard to break up all those flat areas into something interesting. That’s where we need to analyse it piece by piece. You see, gold is all different kinds of hues!

NMM Rogal Dorn

NMM stands for non metallic metal. It is the practice of painting a miniature in imitation of a metallic surface using matte paints. It’s considered to be the most challenging painting technique applied to a miniature as you not only need to think about how light and shadow interact on a surface, but you must also do this in 3 dimensions. Traditional painters create the illusion of metallic surfaces by creating a light source and developing a value range around that. A model, however is a 3 dimensional model. Turn it in your hand and how does light bounce off it?

You start to see the problem.

It takes a lifetime to master, but the Online Courses do help. We’ve helped students develop not only practical colour recipes but the broaden the underlying principles of the discipline. We hope you’ll join us!

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