Fafnir Rann.

‘You may cleave to your courage but that will fail you, look to your weapons but you will find them not enough. Run, fight, hide, pray, cry out or cower — it does not matter, for we are come.’

— Fafnir Rann, first High Executioner (Chapter Master) of the Executioners Chapter

One of the first generations of Heresy 2.0 sculpts, Fafnir Rann was a must to be added to the gallery. I’ve already seen this miniature used for many PRaetor conversions already. Could this be Heresy 2.0’s Pollux?

Fafnir Rann, the Exectutioner.

The siege of Terra left a scar on all combatants that would echo throughout the Scouring era. God damn, would I love a campaign set in this era. The retreating Traitors fracture in the face of the wrathful Imperials. Do they dig in, or exploit the Dark Empire and make a second push for Terra? Do the Traitors find refuge wherever they can, rushing headlong into hell, or create an Empire of their own? How do the Imperials take the news that they are to be broken down by Guilliman? It’s a time period rich for exploration.

Personally, a narrative surrounding Abaddon’s flight from Terra would be something I’d love to run. Would his first thought be to plunge into the Eye of Terra? Would he try and rally resources, find succor in real space? What would he do with the technology gleaned from Luna? What battles were fought in this flight? How did this change him?

Why the tangent? Fafnir Rann becomes the first chapter master of the Executioners. I haven’t yet seen this miniature done in Executioner colours – If you’d like it to commission painted we’ll offer a discount!

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