JAPANESE EXCLUSIVE Red Scorpions Tactical Squad.

Red Scorpions Tactical Squad

An uncompromising and steadfast Chapter, the Red Scorpions have, in their five thousand standard years of recorded history, always been ready to stand in the defense of the Imperium, fight those who endanger it and punish those who betray it.

Unusually for a Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes, the Red Scorpions are fanatically loyal to the Emperor in whose divinity they believe without question. They see their quest for mental, spiritual, and physical purity as a divine mandate.

The Red Scorpions are also strict adherents to the Codex Astartes which they view as holy scripture. They are stalwart traditionalists among the Space Marines, staunch protectors of the Imperium’s order and authority, and have ever been quick to answer the call of Imperial governors and cardinals beset by treachery and heresy from within.


Red Scorpions Tactical Squad

These miniatures were only originally available in Japan. You could buy individual packs with the hopes of receiving a different mini each time. With sculpts like these, I wonder why GW felt the need to introduce Primaris? JUST UPSCALE THE LINE! I have a set of these marines that I’d love to paint as the last stand of Leonatos from Blood Quest.

I paint a lot of Heresy. Although these are marines of a different stripe, the chance to work on some 40K was a nice break in my schedule (I’m painting an avatar at the moment, which has me lusting after an Ulthwé army). The Red Scorpions are a Forge World stalward – it’s one of those factions the studio loved and developed during the course of the book line. We have a model for Culln as a Sgt and a chapter master, and finally a dreadnought!

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