The Forgeworld Book that Never was. Casan Sabius & Sirae Karagon.

Casan Sabius & Sirae Karagon

Casan Sabius is renowned among the Red Scorpions as a formidable strategist and swordsman. When Lord High Commander Culln fell in combat against the Great Beast of Sarum, it was to Casan that the Chapter turned. Sabius took command of the Chapter fleet, enacting a strategy of disengagement from the tendrils of Hive Fleet Kraken. In doing so, he ensured the survival of the Chapter.

Ancient Sirae Karagon was honoured by Lord High Commander Culln with the sacred charge of the Vexilla Imperialis on Lamarno VII. The Vexilla Imperialis is one of the Red Scorpions’ most precious relics, for it is more than just a Chapter Banner. The High Lords of Terra awarded it to the Red Scorpions as a mark of triumph following Commander Culln’s successful pursuit of the Badab campaign.


Casan Sabius & Sirae Karagon

The successors of Culln – the legend of Badab, these heroes feel like they were released at the wrong end of a cycle. These characters and the Leviathan dreadnought were to form the core of the Forge World book that never was: The Fires of Cyraxus.

It was mentioned that this would be a book about Mechanics fighting Tau, but the transition to 9th seems to have killed any steam the project had.

However, we did get a set of these wonderful miniatures to enjoy. A beautiful Red Scorpions command squad to lead your armies of generation 1 marines.

Oh what could have been.

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  1. Josh says:

    Love how these turned out! Really hope we get a tutorial for how you painted them 😊

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