How to paint The Faceless Knight – HORUS HERESY

The Faceless Knight

The Faceless Knight pictured is my own take on the #returntoisstvan event exclusive miniature. A little fur here, a daemonic animal skull there, and I’ve indivdualised an already unique miniature!

This lord amongst traitors has been painted toward the latter end of the Great Heresy. He is embittered, hardened by the atrocities visited upon the Empire. I’ve modified the original miniature with a wolf cloak – a common symbol of authority amngst the Sons of Horus. This was created using the sculpting masterclass: Fur and painted using this video tutorial. The old adage of ‘there are no wolves on Fenris’ applies doubly so to Cthonia. So what on earth does he have slung over this shoulder?

The ‘wolf’ came about from chatting with a student about the furs Astartes wear. I imagined that the upper command hunt of daemon/canine hybrids in the belly of the Vengeful Spirit, taking prizes as proof of thier command. It’s a spiteful way to pass the time – perfect for this kind of character.

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There are a few easter eggs dotted around this minaiture. I wonder if you can find them in the comments below this? I’ll post up a link of thigs to look out for on my social media feeds in the next few days.

If you like the paint job then I warmly encourage you to enjoy the full course linked below:

The Faceless Knight Full Tutorial set

Miniature Painting Course Library.
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