How to paint things that don’t exist: Malifaux Titania, Autumn Queen

Malifaux Titania

I’m not too familiar with Malifaux’s Titania – but I do know a little bit about the Faeire Queen of Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummers Night’s Dream”.

Did this help me devise the paint scheme? Not a jot.

I like to insert awkward references to my English Masters to justify the debt I’m paying off in student loans. Totally worth it.

The colour scheme – there’s only one reference picture I could find. As you would expect the colour palette clusters around the orange/red/brown red family of hues. The scheme is analagous (hues that sit close to one another on the colour wheel).

I wanted to spike it.

Analogous harmonies are great for showing moods, and emotions, but not so great at showing off contrast. The earthy tones of Autumn were enriched with magenta, then I shot alllllll the way over to the other side of the colour wheel to turquoise.

Turquoise is quite a rare colour in nature and certainly doesn’t belong to an Autumnal palette. The sword stands out because it is a complimentary tone. To tie the model together I airbrushed a luminescence around the blade and ensured it lit the underside of her face. The edges of her wings also received a coat of turquoise to darken them and balance the scheme out further.

How do you paint thigns that don’t exist? Rely on the colour wheel. Ground the model in a recognisable colour palette and then play around with it. In this case, ground the work in autmunal colours allowed me to push the contrast from magenta/ red to turquoise.

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Malifaux Titania

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