The challenge of time: Knight Questor Silver Tower.

Knight Questor Silver Tower. A paint job 4 years in the making.

Not because it took 4 solid years of work. This has been one of those projects started with an online student. Throughout the years I’ve worked on a part here, a part there. Working the #nmm, then reworked it as my skills developed.

Looking at this paint job, it’s a weird hybrid of techniques that I’ve developed over the years. I needed to get it over the line and move on to the next project. The NMM was started to demonstrate light placement from a single light source, which evolved into a secondary, paler light source reflected from the base.

Oh yeah. That base. Every year I run an Advent Calendar of releases through Patreon – 25 days of treats for everyone to enjoy. I’ve got a full tutorial for this and 3 other marble bases ready and raring to go! I wantt o paint my entire Silver Tower set using these bases. When I’ll get around to it is another matter with the Path to Glory campaign about to kick off and the Tale of Heresy Gamers in full swing.

I hope you enjoy this Frankenstein’s monster of time and technique. The Knight Questor Silver Tower!

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