Never Underestimate The Blood Angel Spartan

Blood Angels Spartan

When I think of the silhouette of a Horus Heresy force there are certain models that stand out. The Contemptor pattern dreadnought, the wonderful Praetor set, cataphractii terminators, the Sicaran and, of course, the Spartan.

The Spartan has been a hallmark of Heresy gaming since the beginning. A big chunk of resin that was nigh impossible to kill on the tabletop. It has been the ferry for the great and the good, Primarchs, Deathstars and even the humble Tactical squad.

I knew I needed one in my collection, however, I quickly came to realise that this model didn’t really suit my playstyle with the Blood Angels. The Day of Revelations does favour more hard-hitting, drop assault units, so this project has kept being delayed while I filled up on assault marines, Dreadclaws and Dreadnoughts. I’ve finally managed to complete this, replete with Black marble, chased with the gold of the Blood Angel decal sheet.

If you would like to learn how to paint the black marble like this, there is a short video up on the patreon, as well as a legion focus on how I paint the Blood Angel red.

Blood Angels Spartan Enjoy!

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