How do they fly? Forge World Lightning Commission

The Forge world Lightning is one of the coolest-looking models I’ve ever seen. It’s simple and elegant, but still has plenty of detail to take in. The model itself is obviously a flyer, but you can also use it as an aerial escort for your army.

I finished the Lightning without a lot of fuss in one evening. All things are possible with Vallejo Model Air Chrome Silver and oils!

The most difficult part was to figure out how to attach it to the flight stand, as there are no holes or anything similar. I ended up using a pin vice and drilled four holes into the model at the points where I wanted to attach it. Then I made sure that the flight stand would be strong enough by gluing some small bolts onto it and placing them in those pre-drilled holes.

We’ll be painting another Forge World Lightning this year. Unfortunately, this was painted before the Patreon tutorials were live. We get a LOT of questions about the mottling and weathering. We’ll make sure to create a full masterclass on this piece once we paint a new one.

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