Tale of Heresy Gamers: No one makes it out alive.

We’ve had more attention than Isstvan V! We look at the survivors of the challenge and gird our loins for the final month of the challenge.

What is the Tale of Heresy Gamers challenge?

This is the Warlord’s journey. The path of power, or of ruin. The Tale of Heresy Gamers charts army selection, choice of units, painting woes, and victories! We’ll be capturing every triumph and misfortune of coming to grips with a new system and a new force. This will be a series about the collecting of a new army for Horus Heresy 2.0. It will focus on the collecting and painting side of things, but we hope to bring you some insight into how the collection plays on the tabletop. Charting the development of an army from conception to finish is one of my fetishes, and I get to indulge in it with all my friends.

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As we hit the month 4 wall, will the Loyalists or Traitors have more staying power?

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Alex – Loyalist Blood Angels

Crescent Edge Studio – The Death and Betrayal Podcast

In my return to the Tale, I have been busier than ever – this time on hobby!

On the Blood Angel front, I got a five-man assault cannon team painted, decaled, and oiled. I also managed to get the main infantry decaled and almost entirely oiled. In my oiling adventure, I actually tried a new product I’m very keen on: Scale 75 Soilworks Oil. This is a pot of pre-mixed oil wash that makes batch pin washing a breeze with some strong colour and great behavioral properties.

Second, I committed to playing in the Adepticon doubles with a Mechanicum friend of mine so the Blood Angels will get a bit of shelf time while I get a pretty unique Malagra themed 1500-point list built and painted. In the same vain as my Blood Angels, it’s evident conversions will be a plenty with the first Interfector and a Mechanicum Vindicare Assassin I’m calling an Aquiter Exitus.

Lastly – as LVO is this month – I’ve been busy writing the narrative packs, creating new narrative mechanics surrounding Remembrancers, and creating trophies for the Competitive Tournament. I picked up a 3D Printer which had inspired me to get creative and print enough Remembrancers for all 90 players in the Narrative Experience at LVO and mixing up a nice MKII bust into a trophy. The trophy was a last minute adjustment as I had planned to use some FLG game mats with the winning podiums on them but it just didn’t look good. I wish I had thought up this idea sooner as I love the way it came out and I can mix up a more statuesque plinth on the bottom for future Narrative players to create tabletop statues commemorating their Warlord’s exploits on their home mats.

All in all, I think January was a fairly okay (if not scattered) return to the group!

Bryan Hartley – Loyalist Mechanicum

Horus Heresy Painting and Modelling Group – Instagram – Facebook

December & January have unfortunately been a bit of a write-off for me. I caught a nasty case of flu at the beginning of December that really hit my immune system hard and left me open to a series of secondary infections. I felt pretty awful over Xmas and I’m only just starting to feel properly recovered now. On top of that, work has been crazy bust since the beginning of the year, and it’s not showing any signs of letting up any time soon.

My main achievements this month have been my Thallax. I bought four sets of Thallax a few months ago, and I finally managed to finish building them. Like the Thanatar I posted about last month, I’m not sure that the Thallax will be completed as part of this challenge, but they will add some significant force to my growing Mechanicum army.

Painting-wise, I managed to get the oil washes down on my two Arch-Magos and my Ursurax. However I managed to completely ruin the oil washes on both Arch-Magos when I sealed them with Lacquer. The Lacquer pulled all the subtle oils and pigments down into the crevices as it dried and messed up the Blanchitsu style I was going for. So I’m going to give them another try this month and hopefully they will be finished before next months update!

Dan Palfrey – Blood Angels

Cambrian SynodInstagram

Its been a busy Christmas period, and time at the hobby desk has been limited. Its easy to get frustrated at times like this and feel resentful of all the obligations real life puts on you when you have so many space dollies to paint! So I retreated into my mind palace to do some mental hobby planning instead…

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the future of my Blood Angels army. With no militia list in sight or even on the horizon, its going to be hard to truly lean in to the ‘loyal Lost and the Damned’ theme I originally envisioned. So I am going to take a slight pivot into other areas until such time as I can ally my juvenile space vampires with hordes of even more poorly-trained human schmucks. 

First on the list is Zone Mortalis. 

It’s a great game mode, especially as its easily playable at home so its become a bit of a favourite among my local game group. 1-1.5k games can be played in an hour or two meaning local campaigns are much easier to organise. With this in mind, I’ve come up with a fun list which I can use many of my existing models for.

<Army list picture>

I knocked out a quick Aster Crohne conversion based on one of the many spare Age of Darkness praetors that was kicking around our local bits vault. It’s not as tasty as Myles’ version but will do the trick. I totally forgot he had a death mask in the artwork though so I’m going to try and paint that on later or if I’m really brave I’ll try sculpting one from green stuff.

<unpainted aster chrone pic>

He will accompany my Moritat, Crimson Paladins and Dreadnought and I can use my existing tactical squads as seekers for this army (though I plan to make a dedicated unit down the line with camouflage and scoped rifles – so tactiCOOL!). 

<moritat picture>

That leaves me with 20 breachers and 10 destroyers to do to complete this list which I will begin working on soon. See you next month for the final article in this series and hopefully some Zone Mortalis progress.

Don’t forget, hobby never dies in the mind palace!



Myles David – Traitor Sons of Horus.

Lil’Legend Studio

40 marines. 40.

It’s mindnumbing!

What a great way to start the new year by bemoaning my own actions. But you know what, at the end of this month I’ll have 40 MARINES who can die like pigs on the battle field. Can’t wait.

This is the penultimate month of the challenge. 1 more to go, and I’ve decided to go out with a bang.

Next month. The Warmaster joins the spear tip.


Hello traitors and loyalists a like. It’s your boy Craig here with and update on my Emperor’s Children army. I was a bit of a space case last month and forgot to submit my article last month and that’s why you didn’t hear from me. Not this month, not this month I say.

So, I have made some headway on the EC and have about 1500 points painted and ready to do battle and battle they did. Ales and I have gotten several games i

Chris Schou – Traitor Sons of Horus


Hello everyone

So I haven’t really painted much Sons of Horus since I came home from Malmö, as the sprint upp to the event was quite taxing. Because of this I’ve mainly been working on small side projects, primarily historical miniatures for a Black Powder project I’m doing with a few friends of mine.

However, I recently started up working on the Ultramarine terminators I began last year, and they have taken me nearly two months to paint now and they aren’t even done yet. Think I spent most of my Christmas holiday just painting gold on them…But it’s getting close now at least.

I have diverged slightly from the original idea of this whole “Tale of Heresy Gamers” thing, and for that I’m sorry. I just haven’t been in the mood to add more to the Sons of Horus as I don’t partially enjoy how they play in the current edition. Not saying I’m about to abandon them or anything as I still have another 10 Tactical and a Dreadnought from the Boxset I need to finish, but right now I’m just having fun doing a few other things I didn’t do last year.

The Dreadnought is high on the list as I think it’s going to be a lot of fun to paint, the tacticals not so much, but at least I don’t have a deadline at the moment so will probably paint them in batches of 5 this time around, as 10 is soul crushing to say the least.

When these terminators are done I have another small historical project and then maybe another Heresy piece I just received, which isn’t even for a legion I play, but going to be fun nonetheless. It’s a custom Vlka Fenryka model from Lux Thantor Miniatures, been a while since I painted a Rout model and I’ll probably end up giving it away or selling it when it’s done, we’ll see.

We have a Heresy event at the local club next month that I will be attending with the Sons of Horus, with quite a few guests from Sweden and a single brit coming over to play with us, so it’s going to be amazing. I’ll probably have something to show from that event next issue.

Until then


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