INDEX: Not Just Tufts – Basing Tutorials

INDEX: Not Just Tufts – Basing tutorials.

Welcome to the one-stop shop for all your base needs. This index collects all of our basing tutorials and is continually being added to.

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Grim-dustrial basing.

Whether it is Underhive or in the bowels of a derelict Space Hulk, these basing tutorials are for you.

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Siege of Terra/ Horus Heresy Basing

Tear down the Emperor, or man the barricades of Terra with this series of Horus Heresy-themed basing tutorials.

Special Effects Basing

Ever wonder how to paint magna? Or create Ember effects for your basing? Want to learn how to paint trenches? Check out this series.

Snow Basing

Cool off with this snow themed basing tutorial.

Marble Basing

Why is there so much toppled marble in the lands of Warhammer? Let’s learn how to paint marble in this series!

Stone Basing

Stone and steel, the flesh and blood of basing tutorials.

Sand Basing

I’ve struggled to coe up with an effective basing scheme for sand – but this series shows you how to successfully achieve this effect.

Miniature Painting Course Library.
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