What Next? The decision is yours.

My Legends, we have a decision to make. 

We’ve just completed the Colour Theory guides, concluding this month with 105. The entire series is being compiled, edited, and then shipped out to a printer to create our first, physical book. The series will soon be leaving online so make sure you sign up the patreon courses and download them while you still can.

But, I have a question – what should we do next? 

I’m motivated to write about 2 subjects – 

  1. Brush technique, control, and maintenance. 

This will be an in-depth dive into brush control, technique, and how to get the most out of your brush. I’ve been compiling notes from other painters and my hope is to host other artists opinions on best practices. 

  1. NMM – From first steps to mastery. 

Seen as the pinnacle of miniature painting art, non-metallic-metal is the study of light and colour on a reflective surface. This will include an extensive theory portion where we begin to visualise light placement, development of light to shadow, all the way through to colour recipes for different lighting conditions. 

I also have an outsider subject: Skin tones – the ultimate guide. I’d like to lay down the foundational knowledge of how to create skin tones, with recipes and exercises for students to have a resource to plot their own skin tone recipes. 

This is where I need your help. Please vote for which one you’d like to see here:

The winner will influence what series of PDFs we delve into next. 

Next PDF Series

Next PDF Series

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