Silver Tower Tzaangor: Underpainting made EASY

Silver Tower Tzaangor: Underpainting made EASY,

Underpainting is still new to me, but it’s a technique that’s quickly becoming a favourite.

It’s a process where ambient tones are painted onto the miniature first. This is quite daunting at first because there’s lots of hacking and slashing, moving the paint into positions where you can build later on.

It’s quick, only uses a brush and gives me lots of room to make mistakes in the first passes. It’s new to me – the technique has been used for thousands of years (and I’m sure someone in the comments will tell me it’s been used even longer than that).

This first video guide explores core principles, how to approach your first underpainting and a step by step guide on how to paint the tzaangor.

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In the mystical realm of the Silver Tower, an epic battle of chaos and sorcery unfolds. Among the many strange and formidable creatures that roam its arcane halls, the Tzaangors stand out as a fearsome force to be reckoned with.

These otherworldly beings are hybrids, born from the merging of human and Tzeentchian magic, serving the whims of the Changer of Ways. With the bodies of men and the heads of ravens, their appearance is as unsettling as it is awe-inspiring. Their feathers glisten with vibrant, ever-shifting colors, symbolizing the ever-changing nature of Tzeentch.

Tzaangors wield wicked spears and boast uncanny agility. They move with a supernatural grace that belies their monstrous forms, leaping through the Silver Tower with a supernatural fluidity. As servants of Tzeentch, they possess an innate mastery of magic, unleashing bolts of energy and hexes upon their foes with sinister glee.

In the Silver Tower, they represent the capricious and chaotic forces that seek to thwart the heroes’ progress. Encountering Tzaangors is a test of both martial skill and mental fortitude, as their powers of illusion and manipulation can confound even the bravest warriors.

As you venture deeper into the Silver Tower, remember that the Tzaangors are not merely foes to be vanquished, but manifestations of the ever-shifting nature of Tzeentch. Embrace the challenge, and you may uncover the secrets of this enigmatic realm while relishing the thrill of facing such epic adversaries.

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