Never Underestimate The Blood Angel Spartan

Blood Angels Spartan When I think of the silhouette of a Horus Heresy force there are certain models that stand out. The Contemptor pattern dreadnought, the wonderful Praetor set, cataphractii terminators, the Sicaran and, of course, the Spartan. The Spartan has been a hallmark of Heresy gaming since the beginning. A big chunk of resin that was…
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The challenge of time: Knight Questor Silver Tower.

Knight Questor Silver Tower. A paint job 4 years in the making. Not because it took 4 solid years of work. This has been one of those projects started with an online student. Throughout the years I’ve worked on a part here, a part there. Working the #nmm, then reworked it as my skills developed.…
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SLAVES TO DARKNESS The Slaves to Darkness box has me weak at the knees. Yes, it’s not Old World, my first and bitterest love, but the sculpts are FIRE! Who wouldn’t want to paint them? I started collecting after the tempestuous days of Slaves to Darkness & Lost and the Damned. I don’t have the…
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A Tale of Heresy Gamers. Month 5: WASTED.

This month is a brutal one. We don’t have 1, or 2, but 3 Warlords bite the dust! We knew there would be casualties, but by god, 3 in 1 month – it’s like Isstvan all over again! What is the Tale of Heresy Gamers challenge? This is the Warlord’s journey. The path of power, or…
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The Community Celebrates the Kratos – HORUS HERESY SPOTLIGHT

Last week I put out a call to the community for Kratos submissions. And I was not disappointed! We received a deluge of responses. Apologies to anyone who was not featured. But feast your eyes on these beauties! Maloki Paints

All You Need To Know About Sons of Horus Kratos.

Sons Of Horus Kratos “The Legionaries Astartes had a huge hole in their battle line – they needed a mainline battle tank.” We already had superheavies. We already had smaller support vehicles based on the Rhino chassis. So it’s lovely to get a tank that sits neatly between these classes. A donkey to carry the…
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Never Underestimate The Influence Of the Gods. Horus Lupercal Commission.

Horus Lupercal Warmaster of Chaos. It does not matter how the galaxy burns, only that it does. Warmaster – that is what it means, my brother. The strength to do what must be done. The Warmaster Horus Lupercal – the WARMASTER OF CHOAS. I wanted to show the madness infesting the Warmaster. He is bursting…
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Who is Torgillius the Chamberlain? Dramatis Personae of Cursed City.

Who is Torgillius the Chamberlain? Ulfenkarn was once home to the brotherhood of sepulchrists known as the Pact Mortalis. Torgillius was a member of their order but turned his back on them, taking their research into grave-sand phylacteries and throwing in his lot with the vampires that came to rule the city. The chamberlain’s knowledge…
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How MOON FACE can improve your painting. Necromunda Bounty Hunter.

Moonface Necromunda Bounty Hunter from House Bharteth from Tagged Events. I’m a sucker for Cyber Punk. 80’s/ early 90’s art? Just hook it directly into my veins. The image above is from Confrontation – the predecessor to Necromunda. Every inch of that image just crawls with personality. It’s the Warhammer aesthetic that I fell in…
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The BEST Alternate Sculpts to Radukar the Wolf. CURSED CITY.

Radukar the Wolf is a cruel and savage Vampire Lord who rules over the city of Ulfenkarn. In battle, he wields the Barrow-Blade – a weapon stolen from a legendary vampire emperor. Who this Emperor was, or what domains he ruled are now lost to times passing. I dragged my feet painting this one. In…
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