Why you need a Knight Cerastus Lancer. Commission piece.

Ah, the mighty Cersatus Knight Lancer – a sight to behold on the battlefield. And when painted in a black-and-white scheme? Simply stunning. I recently had the pleasure of painting…
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Heroes of the Legions: Raldoron.

Amongst the ranks of the Importal Ninth Raldoron is one of the most legendary heroes of the chapter. Known as the Archien of Wisdom, Raldoron expressed Sanguinius’ genius at warfare.…
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The Darker Side of Naggaroth: Exploring Malus Darkblade

Malus Darkblade is a legendary figure in the Warhammer Fantasy universe, known for his dark and twisted personality, as well as his prowess in battle. He is a character that…
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NEW STUDIO – NEW PROJECT. Help me christen the new space!

Help me christen my new studio. No. Not in a Fulgrim kind of way. Watch the vid and get voting below.

Tale of Heresy Gamers – THE END

The final bell tolls, and the last stone falls. It is the end of our challenge. Parting is always such sweet sorrow, but this segment wraps up. The surviving warlords…
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Redgrass Games Wet Palette v2: Better than your Tupperware box?

A wet palette is a great tool for every painter. It is the surface where you will mix your paint, try different paint consistencies and prolong the working time of…
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The darker side of the Delaque Pspyker

Delaque Pspyker are equal parts telepathic eavesdropper and gibbering psychic powerhouse, engineered by House Delaque to serve its gang leaders. In a process that can take months or even years,…
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Shipping Update – GOOD NEWS

International mail services have finally been reinstated at UK post offices, more than a month after Royal Mail was hit by a cyber attack. The breach on 10 January caused…
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Horus Lupercal – Primarch of the Luna Wolves Commission

The Horus Lupercal Luna Wolves. This Priamrch, Horus Lupercal is a beast. Horus Lupercal Luna Wolves! It’s one of the most powerful models in the game and I had the…
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Things That Make You Love And Hate Horus Ascended.

Horus Ascended is the best HQ choice in the GAME! He’s not the most versatile Primarch, but he’s got some really cool abilities that make him stand out on the…
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