The Grand Index. Every Lil’Legend Patreon tutorial.

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Welcome to the grand index, collecting every single tutorial published to date. This page organises them into the date of release. Get access to EVERY TUTORIAL YOU SEE for $15.

Do you want a free preview? Then check out this Necron Warrior Tutorial:

A note from Myles – We realize this page takes a while to load up. We’re categorizing the tutorials and posting them as separate links. The Basing tutorials are the first of this update. There are a lot of tutorials to work through, so please bear with us as we work our way through the catalog!

Horus Heresy Tutorials

Horus Heresy Index Cover

Basing Tutorials

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Heat Distortion


Miniature Painting Course Library.
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5 Responses

  1. Matt says:

    This is excellent Myles, so much easier to navigate than the old way in Patreon, thank you. When should we expect the 2020 content?

  2. Julien says:

    Are masterclasses and seminars PDFs?

    • Myles says:

      The tutorials are videos unless otherwise noted in the description. If you would like to see a PDF please request it – there’s a list I’m slowly working my way through.

  3. Matt Murphy says:

    hi i was wondering you had a tutorial for the primarcch vulkan up or lined up to do?

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