The Red Angel: Custom Angron Sculpt Commission.

Listen to your blue clad wretches yelling courage and honor, courage and honor, courage and honor! Do you even know the meaning of those words? Courage is fighting the kingdom which enslaves you, no matter that their armies outnumber yours by ten-thousand to one. You know nothing of courage!

Angron. Betrayer

I’m fortunate enough to paint some really special miniatures. Boxed art for companies, one-off collector’s items, and very occasionally, something even rarer.

This is a custom sculpt, made by Lux Thanator for a client. The brief was to create something brutal, realistic – to step into this brutal universe and see Angron unfiltered. This rules out certain techniques like NMM, but it didn’t mean throwing out the principles altogether.

A solid slab of gold can lead to an overall boring appearance. Adding the secondary lighting effect helps break up the armour and also compliments the bloodstains and dead copper sheen of the armour.

The armour was created using the hybrid non-metallic metal technique that you can find in the following tutorials:

The full tutorial for this was mailed to Patreon students as part of our Xmas Advent Calendar 2020.

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