Sisters of Battle Squad Commission

Order of the Martyred Saint, sisters of battle squad – commission piece.

The dominions of the Ordo Sororitas constantly patrol the bleeding edge of Crusade. The Empire crumbles beneath the weight of the Cicatrix Maledictum and the ravages of a thousand, thousand threats. Against the night, the Sisters of the Martyred Saint travel the most ravaged areas along Empire’s End, bringing the light of the Emperor to those in most need.

The humble sisters of battle squad is the spine of any Adeptus Sororitas force. The client wanted a strong grim dark feel – but what exactly does grim – dark mean?

Sisters of Battle
Sisters of Battle Tutorials

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There seem to be 2 broad strokes

  1. Limited spot colours.

The sisters have a single spot colour – Magenta. This changed from the original spot colour of blue as it clashed with the white. We have further enhanced with the use of fire – not a spot colour of the model itself, but it does lend some wonderful reflections to miniatures that we want to stand out.

2. Realism.

A zenithal highlight followed by the heavy use of oils will give you a wonderful effect- easy to recreate across army-wide paint jobs.

A full line of tutorials will be coming soon for the Order of the Martyred Saint (or should that be living Martyr?). Keep your eyes peeled on the Patreon Courses.

Interested in learning how to paint these atmospheric OSL effects? We have a page dedicated to How to Paint the sisters of battle – simply sign in to your account and enjoy the content! We have a full masterclass on how to paint Celestine Damned, from conversion through to light placement. This is a living page, and expect to see sisters of battle infantry appear there very soon.

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