How to Paint OSL – Lil’Legend Masterclass

OSL Masterclass


How to Paint OSL: Lil’Legend Masterclass

Object source lighting (or OSL) is the art of creating false reflections on our miniatures. From applying zenithal highlights to adding secondary reflections, OSL can radically change the overall look of a model. Do you have a static piece? Then why not add dynamism with a secondary light source? Do you want to reveal the inner madness of a character? Add underlighting to the face to give that haunted appearance. 

This is a comprehensive learning resource for how to create OSL on your own miniatures. This masterclass takes you through everything needed to create your own light reflections on your models and gives you practical advice on how to dynamically light your own miniatures. This is a living document and will be updated periodically with new tutorials.

How to Paint OSL Masterclass series covers:

  • Fluorescent basing: How to create eye-popping fluo effects for your bases.
  • The COMPLETE video tutorial series on how to paint Mortian’s CYBER RAT! What considerations do you need to make when painting box art.
  • The last video you will ever need for gemstones and plasma glow – the theory behind the colour choices.
  • A complete video guide on how to paint gorget under glow BRUSH ONLY.
  • How to paint Horus Lupercal’s face.

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