How to paint miniatures with a brush – Lil’Legend Masterclass

How to paint miniatures with a brush – Lil’Legend Masterclass Series 


How do I use the brush? 

How thin should my paint be? 

What’s the difference between a glaze and a wash?

Do these questions sound familiar? This is the tutorial series for you. 

Brushwork – our bane, our joy. This tutorial series takes you through the fundamental process of painting miniatures with a brush. This series breaks each brush stroke down to it’s fundamental components, showing you how paint miniatures from start to finish using nothing but a brush.
Underpainting, layering, glazing, texture, filter layers, sketching…it’s all here. These processes translate across the entirety of my work. 
Try it yourself and begin enjoy painting miniatures! Enjoy tackling harder subjects!


This is the comprehensive learning resource for how to paint miniatures with a brush. This masterclass takes you through everything needed to develop your brush work, in your own time, across a vareity of subjects This is a living document and will be updated periodically with new tutorials.

How to Paint Miniatures with a Brush Masterclass series covers:

  • VIDEO SERIES: Brush Work 101, 102, 103 – the fundemtneal guide to brush work with supporting PDF workbooks.
  • VIDEO:Underpainting, Layering & Glazing – Brush Technique.
  • VIDEO: THE FULL DRAHZAR Masterclass.
  • PDF: Stippling Textures.


  • Brushes & You; A guide.

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