How to Paint Emperor’s Children Masterclass

How to Paint Emperor’s Children 

The proud scions of Chemos, the Lords of Imperium, the Emperor’s Children were the pinnacle of the Astartes program. Lethal, dextrous of mind and body and ever striving for perfection, the IIIrd rose highest, achieving feats of warfare undreamt of, even by their fellow Astartes. It is no small irony then, that they fell the furthest during the Age of Darkness, reformed into beasts, slaved to the will of Slaanesh.  

This is a comprehensive learning resource for how to convert and paint the glorious IIIrd. This masterclass takes you through painting infantry to the Primarch himself!

How to Paint Emperor’s Children series covers:

  • A 5 part video tutorial series on how to paint Fulgrim!
  • A 2 part video tutorial series on how to paint Saul Tarvitz.
  • How to paint metallic armour.
  • How to paint lustrous Imperial Purple.
  • The Full PDF guide on how to paint multiple styles of the IIIrd.
  • Matthew Kane’s full PDF on how to paint Emperor’s Children Infantry!

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